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With an ever growing customer base, its only fair we showcase some of our recent projects. For more information on our recent designs and artworks please view our gallery.

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Speed Up Logo

Speed Up, a new performance software company in Braintree, Essex wanted a neat little logo for there website and branding products. We got to work on 2 concepts, building a swift illustration to which they accepted faily quickly. We loved designing this neat little logo. Logo By James Whitehall

Coatmaster Leaflet

Our client Coatmaster wanted a leflet to put in there little shop in Basildon, Essex. Kerry from our design team got work on this application and very muched enjoyed the process. Thanks Kelly! Artwork By Kelly Williams

Sophie Pride Logo

Kate and Sophie Pride wanted a logo suited to there interior design shop local to southend on sea. In the briefing they wanted a logo that they could apply to there print and signage of there shop and needed to create a professional yet elegent representation of there tasteful little boutique shop in westcliff. Logo by Kelly Williams

Hot Wok Logo

Hot Wok, A small chinese and cantonese cuisine in South Woodham Ferrer, wanted a simple yet affective illustration to put on there print and sign applications. We were very happy to get to work and loved making it. Logo by Dean Adams  

Wooden Board Games Logo

Wooden Board Games in Braintree, Essex requested a unique 3d style, illustration, that would attract a broad variety of their customer base in Braintree, Essex. Matt loved the design and very happy with the time in which it was completed. Logo by James Whitehall.

Smiths Equestrian Center Logo

Smiths Equestrian Center a stunning little farm in Chelmsford requested a professional, conspicuous application to use for there print and sign applications. They were very pleased with the final design and were happy to have us share the artwork. Logo by Shane Hiscock

Maya Focus Group Logo

Maya Focus Group love there niche little logo for there online focus group in Tilbury. Established in 2015, Maya Focus Group decided there previous logo was very dated, so they decided to contact our team. They were very pleased with the artwork. Logo by Shane Hiscock

Epping Barbers Logo

Epping Barbers in Esssex required a logo for there shop. They wanted a simple yet affective logo based on there color sceme and profile. We quickly started designing a great application to greet there customers and they claim the logo has helped with there business image and impoved sales. Logo by Phil Crass

Allinson Knife Shop Logo

A small shop in south lodon that provides cutlery for local customers and businesses Allinson Knife Shop wanted a logo to fit there professional catering supply network. A very fun project to illustrate. Thanks for the work and reviews! Logo By Dean Adams

Daniel's & Buttler Logo

A great example of a resuturant logo in south east london. Paul and Mick required a niche elegent logo to open shop and display a credible business name in time for there opening. They were very pleased to get the project done. Logo By Vicky Venick

Casa Delphin Leaflet

Casa Delphin, A stunning villa in Costa Dorada, owners Dave Billis and Sharon Billis wanted a leaflet designed to put in there Villa to expand clients and project professionalism. Thanks Dave And Sharon for this fantastic opportunity. Artwork By Mark Tilly 

Casa Delphin Leaflet 2

Dave and Sharon loved there origonal leflet we designed for them, so they wanted another concept designed in aid of a new marketing campaign. We happily got to work and the results were brilliant. Mark Tilly Designed This Concept 

Casa Delphin Logo

Casa Delphin came to us a few weeks ago requesting a logo design for there stunning little villa in Costa Dorada. Created by our very talented designer Mark Tilly. This a beautiful example of a villa logo for a small renting project operated by owner David Billis and his wife sharon Billis.

Music Castle

A small platform audio website built for game design companies to obtain audio files and music for their production needs. Harry Anderson and his partner Phil Menway wanted a logo that projected there specification on gaming and audio files, so we happily delivered. Logo By Dean Adams

Claires Cakes Logo

A Delicious cake shop in north london wanted a logo to help customers recognize their shop more efficiently from their old logo. This beautiful little logo showcases what a great product we deliver. Sam and Chris were delighted with the outcome and have seen very effective results. Logo by James Whitehall

Illumin8 Logo

Illuminate Lighting is a small business in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex. An amzing example of a simple small business logo. Logo By Chris Thomas 

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