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At Company Logo Designer, we know what it takes to make and design a great, professional logo. We have perfected this art over the course of over 20 years. Its hard to imagine a world without logo design.. Every visual appearance on our trips to the shops include at least one logo. Even when we switch on our phone, we are greeted with a host of different logos as our application comforts, but what is true logo design? Is there a difference or spectrum between illustrations, How are they constructed with business in mind? These are the questions we hope to answer for you on our page. Please view below our recent illustration projects, that will give you an insite to our design applications and serve you a detailed spectrum of design work, that will both inform and expand your quest for graphic synthesis and applications.


Below we have listed a few of our recent projects with details on the construction.

We Believe In Three Main Rules In Logo Illustration

  • Concept
  • Nature of Requirement
  • Design applications


With these targets in mind we know we will succeed in your venture to professional design. Please feel free to read our blog post on How To Create A Professional Logo.


We will start off with our most recent projects and how we developed them…

Retail Shop Logo Design

One of our recent projects, Allinson Knife Shop was great fun to work on. Click For More Information

Florist Company Logo Design

Grants Florist was a brilliant design by James Whitehall our design team leader. Click For More Information

Small Business Product Logo Design

Emily Fern another recent example of our talented design team. Click For More Information

Eqestrian Company Logo Design

Smiths Equestrian Center was a logo designed with style. Click For More Information

Music Business Logo Design

NewTone, A simple yet affective design, definitely warrants looking at. Click For More Information

Caffe Company Logo Design

An brilliant example of our most recent work, your client wanted a memorable appealing application. Click For More Information

Interior Designer Company Logo Design

Sophie Pride, an interior design firm in essex wanted an elegant illustration. Click For More Information

Hairdresser Company Logo Design

Hairdresser, Notwells in Essex wanted a quant little logo for there business. Click For More Information

Food Company Logo Design

Brilliant little logo..Claires Cakes is a perfect example of a modern, neat design. Click For More Information

Award Winning Designers

Company Logo Designer employs some of the most talented graphic designers in the industry, all working to constantly improve and evolve in this ever progressive industry. We pride ourselves for these qualities and the work we perform on a daily basis.

Exeptional Value

Pricing is our main attraction to our business, as we supply extremely competitive and modist prices on all of our graphic products.