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Why Company Logo Designer?

We are the UK’s leading logo and graphic design company, but don’t just take our word for it. We have over hundreds of great testimonial reviews from our products and always receive compliments on your designs, its just part of our daily client feedback. So as you can imagine, we thought we would share these reviews with you. Please feel free to browse our gallery for more illustrations. Our logos are suited to all applications including..

* Print

* Website

* Signage

* Media Applications

* Social Media Services

* Email Campaigns

Claires Cakes Are Seeing The Difference!

A Delicious cake shop in north london wanted a logo to help customers recognize their shop more efficiently from their old logo. This beautiful little logo showcases what a great product we deliver. Sam and Chris were delighted with the outcome and have seen very effective results.

You guys really know how to design logos. The team are very pleasant to work with and sort the briefing quickly. Thank you so much.

Kat Mean

Shark Design

Great customer service from Nicki, My logo is perfect, cant fault Company Logo Designer at all. Great team, Great Logos.

Jason Lloyd

Lloyds Pharmacy, Kent

Amazing logo! Love the final design, well worth the price! I went with the gold package and have definitely seen the results from our clients. Thank You Compnay Logo Designer!

Allison Brent

Camden Productions

Thanks Guys, Love the logo, so happy you guys got it done in time for our print team. Will definitely recommend!


Mallock, BFC Online


Foodle wanted a logo for there branding team to focus on client management and display a modern, remunerated illustration, that can be displayed on there packaging. Our team helped to create that illustration and helped aid there business marketing needs through visual exhibits.

Our Logos Love Branding

Branding is the way in which your customer perceives your business when they see or hear of your company name, service or products. With Company Logo Designer we insure all these elements are considered when designing your professional logo. We have helped various business models with our design team over the years and can support you through this tough, competitive market. 

Our Logos Love Print

Print is such an important ingredient in business development, so we insure all our designs are ready to fit your desired printed applications, whatever the product, we illustrate business cards, leaflets & flyers and letterheads. Our graphic team can provide a beautiful fit to these mandatory requirements.

Clark & Ronson

Clark & Ronson loves there logo on printed applications and garments and are very glad they approached us with a logo briefing for these requirements. A strong, consistent image will allow the customer to know exactly what to expect, every time they encounter your company. A professional appearance will create credibility and trust, which combines very well, as people are more likely to purchase from a business that appears legitimate and professional.

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Advanced Designers

Company Logo Designer employs some of the most talented graphic designers in the industry, all working to constantly improve and evolve in this ever progressive industry. We pride ourselves for these qualities and the work we perform on a daily basis.

Exceptional Value

Pricing is our main attraction to our business, we supply extremely, competitive and modest prices, on all of our graphic products. We hope to achieve more clients through this strategy.