Highly Effective Infographic Design Your Business Will Love

Infographics, being one of the most essential products to a business image, is a very necessary tool to your clients and them approaching you for business. We have worked with various industries, creating stunning graphic applications to our clients and we feel that your business deserves the best professional applications we can offer.  

Professional, Custom Infographic Design, Suited To Your Business

We all know the importance of website infographics, but why is it so important to update these applications in today’s modern times? Well, we think we know. In 2019 when certain industries were booming, a lot of new promising start-ups were getting loads of traffic, yet, no one was contacting them or buying their products. The answer..They had no infographics, no illustrations on their website. Once they implemented these illustrations on there website, business sales went up by 90%. We provide the most effective results in graphic illustration at exceptional value.

Amazing design! I love the way you have made it match with our original graphics, yet made the site look much more professional and appealing. Thank you.

Gary Betts

Co Harvest

Stunning design, great work, very quick process. 5 Stars! 

Dean Thomas

P.M.C Logistics


Boost Your Client Interaction

It is very important to grab your customers’ attention, it really drives the sale and builds a loud and clear message of what your products and services offer. The main goal achieved here is to create a story in the mind of the viewer and give them the inspiration to contact you.

Convert Sales Far More Easily

Appeal to your audience and give them a reason to call your company. With a highly effective graphical illustration you are far more likely to convert sales and give an informative, professional impression.

Graphics For All Applications

Any design, any specification, we will deliver effective and rewarding designs, that give your audience confidence in your products or service. We have designed artwork for some of the world’s most prestigious companies in the industry today.

Professional Illustrations

Our team are extremely efficient at building graphical illustrations, suited to large projects, that require exceptional attention to detail. All of our clients are extremely happy with the designs and are very pleased to continue working with us.

Really pleased with our design, very professional and gives the business a more appealing image, worth every penny.

Joshuar Reditch

Reditch Health & Saftey

Infographics Offers The Best Investment Your Business & Website Could Invest

Many of our clients are already seeing the benefits of infographics. Since 2019 we have illustrated thousands of projects, and we just keep on getting more and more requests. The great thing about our infographics is that we will put these stunning designs on multiple website pages, in the same theme, saving you thousands in graphic design costs, at no extra charge.

Take Your Business Illustration Further

With our graphics, your clients will understand your business more easily and put trust into your service. Create a large impact on your website or adverts with our icon team and take your business illustration further.

Infographics That Tell A Story

Our graphics project more than just simple icons and related information. Our graphics tell a story of your business, that builds trust and gives the client a true reflection of your company.


Give Your Clients An Easy, Effective Description

Foodle wanted to give their customers a great understanding of their service with graphics. Their main goal was to illustrate an easy caption of what they offer.

Professional Information Illustrations

Complement your business, service or product with our information infographic illustrations.

Graphs & Grids

The best way to express the benefits of your products or service.

Picture Illustrations

We can create stunning visuals with your images and put the viewer in a very confident position. 

Professional Banner & Slider Graphics

The classic birth of infographics. Banners and sliders are still a very popular application to use on your website and we still love illustrating them.

Cartoon Illustrations

These are probably the most successful marketing illustrations we develop, they give the client or viewer a brilliant description of their business in a very simple form.

Voucher Graphics

A very effective marketing strategy, voucher illustration is a must for seasonal offerings to your clients.

Seeing the results already! Our business definitely needed this application. Very effective, thank you so much

Bill Dace

Royal Construction

Always Keeping Excellent Value!

One of our most popular questions is how do you keep your prices at great value? Well here at Company Logo Designer, we believe that brilliant value means repeated business, so we always offer the best prices in the graphic design industry.

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Award Winning Designers

Company Logo Designer employs some of the most talented graphic designers in the industry, all working to constantly improve and evolve in this ever progressive industry. We pride ourselves for these qualities and the work we perform on a daily basis.

Exeptional Value

Pricing is our main attraction to our business as we supply extremely competitive and modest prices on all of our graphic products. We hope to achieve more clients through this strategy.