Our Goal

Our goal is to offer an amazing team of graphic designers to illustrate your business design needs, at exceptional value, with zero fuss or endless questions. 




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About Us

Company Logo Designer, founded by Director and CEO James Whitehall, & Founder Ian Shell, It Is a UK based company, aimed at making stunning logos and graphic design applications, at exeptional prices. We strive to enhance business image, with maximum effort to our clients needs and are constantly evolving in a high demand market for illustration. Our team are our heart and we owe them everything we are today. From professional logo design, all the way to sign and print design, our company loves new projects and we are constantly evolving and expanding to meet your design needs. If you have any questions about our products and services please visit our Contact Us and speak to our team today.

Award Winning Designers

Company Logo Designer employs some of the most talented graphic designers in the industry, all working to constantly improve and evolve in this ever progressive industry. We pride ourselves for these qualities and the work we perform on a daily basis.

Exeptional Value

Pricing is our main attraction to our business as we supply extremely competitive and modest prices on all of our graphic products.